June 27, 2009

A vision, materializing?

After being tossed to and fro for what seems like over a year, I'm again settling on another idea. I have had so many dreams and hopes, but pursuing them has never brought anything to fruition - except perhaps learning a bit more about myself and the way God wishes me to live my life. I hesitate to mention this new idea because it always seems like once I share and voice my interests, I watch everything crumble into dust and have to explain to everyone what happened. Still, I'm too excited to not say anything.

So what is it now, you may ask. In my previous post I recounted my discussion with a missionary couple from Venezuela. That talk has turned me in the direction of teaching the english language, both as a way to support myself, but also a means to reach people for Christ. I've been trying to devise a plan to get training, pay off college debt, join a sending agency and just take care of all the other things that stand between now and my being able to serve overseas. I was originally thinking of heading back to Venezuela to join a team training Venezuelan missionaries. I'm not ruling this out, but for some reason after hours and hours of research about TESOL, I have become particularly interested in Thailand. Not only would it be a fascinating country to get certified in and teach, but the population is considered to be only 0.7 % Christian. There is a huge need here for the spread of the gospel and other kinds of work. I'm just getting started on this path but more than ever I am very determined to see this through!

Still, before I make any "permanent" decisions, I need to wait before God for his leading and confirmation. Much prayer is needed!

Here is a link for the TESOL certificate program in Bangkok.

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  1. I didn't forget about this idea you have, and I think it's wonderful! I'm excited for you to have an idea about where God is leading you, and I so agree that teaching English somewhere like Thailand sounds amazing!
    Thanks for inspiring me to write in my blog again, by the way! ;)